1. What Alqvimia products can I used during pregnancy and when lactating? I am thinking mainly about products for breast care.

At Alqvimia we do not recommend using any product which contains essential oils during this period (with the exception of products made specifically for these purposes), as essential oils may interfere with feminine hormonal balance. Alqvimia however does have a product which is specifically recommended during pregnancy, which is our Body Stretch Stopper Body Oil. This product has been designed to prevent the appearance of these unwanted marks, while helping to nourish and moisturize the skin and preserve suppleness, without putting either mother or baby at risk. We recommend using this oil once or twice a day, morning and/or night, as no risk of photo-sensitization exists.


2. What about sun filters and skin blemishes?

Although Alqvimia does not have a specific range of sun filter products, we do have a depigmentation product called "White Light" in our Absolute Beauty range, which has been specifically designed for this problem. This lotion is a Beauty Extract which contains only carrier oils and essential oils, as well as a liquorice extract. All of these ingredients are 100% natural and of the highest quality, and they contain neither preservatives nor colorants. This product must be used only at night as paradoxically, the most powerful oils for depigmentation are those which photosensitize the most. You should therefore keep your face out of the sunlight after applying this lotion. This product is highly successful in our Asian market, where unlike many Europeans both men and women seek a paler skin.

We also recommend staying out of the sun and excessive sun bathing in all events, whether you have skin blemishes or not, as a preventative measure against hyper-pigmentation and to avoid possible malignant effects. We also recommend the use of a sun cream, especially when the skin is affected by blemishes.


3. Anti-cellulite products. What’s the best one for me?

Our Silhouette range contains an effective selection of products, with an anti-cellulite body oil and a body elixir. If your problem is one of ‘orange peel skin’ these two are the products you need. We recommend using our body elixir in the morning and our body oil at night. We also have a catalyser for these products, which prepares the skin to absorb the nutrients they contain and which acts as a synergy with them, enhancing their effects. This product is Queen of Hungary Water; a cologne water with an exquisite aroma which should be applied with firm, rapid strokes on localized body areas with cellulitis, before applying the oil or body elixir of your choice. Remember that you do not need to take much time in applying these products; what’s more important is their constant and regular application.


4. Can Alqvimia products be used during menstruation?

Menstruation is a natural process for women and our recommendation is not to interfere with the body during this period. Due to the existence of components which have a regulatory effect on the hormones (phytohormones) in the essential oils our products contain, an emmenagogue reaction may occur, increasing the menstrual flow. As such, the natural flow which occurs during this process may be affected by the use of products containing essential oils, and although we are not totally against using these oils at this time, we believe that it is better to not alter this natural process but to respect it. However, not all Alqvimia products contain essential oils, which means that products such as our pure plant oils or products with a formula based on them may be used (Body Stretch Stopper Body Oil, for example).


5. What exactly are the uses of Sensuality?

Sensuality is a body oil made using the most exquisite and feminine essential oils, including Bulgarian Rose, Jasmine and Neroli, in terms of feminine body care it is a masterpiece. These oils contain phyto-estrogens (plant extracts which combine with feminine hormones) these lend highly beneficial effects to the menstrual cycle and all the body organs involved in this process. At a cosmetic level this oil is a powerful beauty flash product, which can be used for facial care (at night) or on the body, with a moisturizing, regenerating and anti-aging action. At an emotional level, this product has been designed to enhance the feminine essence as well as sensuality, self-esteem and inner harmony. It works through the action of its oils on the nervous system and on various energy centres of the female body. We recommend the using this product regularly for at least one a month; applying it daily over the heart, lower stomach, behind the ears, the solar plexus and the wrists. You can also use it in intimate areas to increase pleasure in relations with your partner.

Years of experience with this product have given us testimonials from our clients which support its effectiveness and which speak of the wonderful results experienced by those who have used it.


6. Do you make products for alopecia?

We do not have a finished Alqvimia product to help with this condition; we can however recommend an aromatherapy formula made in a clinical investigation carried out with 85 volunteers, which was undertaken in 1998 by Isabelle C. Hay and others. This investigation demonstrated the efficacy of the essential oils of thyme, rosemary, lavender and cedar in a base of jojoba and grape seed plant oils. If you are not familiar with aromatherapy, the proportion we recommend in Alqvimia for this blend is 97% carrier oil and 3% essential oils. This equals 100 drops of essential oils in total (not 100 drops of each oil) for every 100 millilitres of the total carrier oils used.


7. How long does Bust Volume Oil take to work?

The general norm is that effects are pretty much immediate. These effects consist, in the majority of cases, in increased volume and the fullness of the breasts, such as just before menstruation. This depends, however, on each individual and just how the product affects each person.


8. What’s the difference between essential oils and carrier oils?

With respect to the difference between pure essential oils and plant oils or carrier oils, the main distinction lies in the fact that carrier oils are plant oils extracted from nuts (such as sweet almond or hazelnut oil), from seeds (such as sesame seed or apricot oil) or even waxes (such as jojoba oil), whose main function in aromatherapy is that of acting as a vehicle for essential oils. Carrier oils however also have therapeutic properties themselves (moisturizing, refirming, or acting as sebum regulators) and each one is specific.

Essential oils are substances made from plants which are characterised by their scent and which are generally distilled from flowers, or are pressed from the peel of citrus fruit, or extracted from trees or leaves. These essential oils have medicinal properties, for both the skin and for the internal organs, as well as for the nervous system, and although each oil has specific indications, all of them are antiseptic, regenerators and cytophylactic, hence their immense value for the cosmetics industry. There are many different types of essential oil on the market, some of which are artificial or which are adulterated, and which have little therapeutic value. However at Alqvimia, we guarantee that our oils are 100% natural and of the highest quality, as we purchase them in the country which produces the finest quality oil in each individual case. Aromatherapy, the science founded on the use of these oils and which all Alqvimia products are based on, is a fascinating world and an extensive one and, if you are interested, we recommend signing up for a beginner’s course or reading one of the many books available on the subject. We recommend the authors Julia Lawless and Patricia Davis.


9. Body Sculptor; how effective are Alqvimia body elixirs when compared to body oils?

Both products are made using similar ingredients but in a different format (oil and body milk), as the Alqvimia ‘duo strategy’ involves using a body elixir in the morning and a body oil at night. This is due to the fact that the skin has different processes and needs at different times of the day. At night the body regenerates, which means that our body oil, which has greater nourishing properties, is more effective. During the day we need greater moisturization to counter the harmful environmental factors we are exposed to, and our body elixirs have been designed just for this purpose. Both products however act on localised fat deposits and help to refirm skin tissues as part of our Body Sculptor range, and were designed to fulfil these aims. We therefore recommend that you use both – a body elixir in the morning, and a body oil at night, in this way you gain 100% of treatment benefits. Alqvimia also offers our own Queen of Hungary Water, a body tonic which acts as a catalyser for these products, while creating a synergy with them, enhancing their effects. We recommend applying this cologne water in rapid strokes before applying our oils or creams.


10. What about product photosensitivity?

Although it is true that some essential oils, especially citrus oils, do photosensitize, and so must never be used in significant quantities when exposed to sunlight, the main reason why we recommend the use of body oils at night is that as the body sleeps, it regenerates and it is able to make better use of the nourishment which oils provide. We also recommend the use of creams in the morning as these provide greater moisturization, which is what the skin needs during the day, while the wax they contain acts as a filter.


11. What are the uses of Queen of Hungary Water?

This product has been included in our product range as a body tonic in order to enhance the action of body oils and body elixirs, especially those in the Silhouette Range. Due to the essential oils it contains it has anticellulite, tonifying and regenerating properties, making it an essential product in body care.


12. How do I use Rosehip Oil?

This oil is ideal for treating scars due to its excellent collagen precursor effect (collagen consists of skin fibres which fill hollows), as well as its powerful antioxidant action. Don’t worry about applying this oil onto greasy or oily skin as it is a plant oil which does not block the pores (unlike mineral oils such as paraffin and silicone-based oils). When this oil is used on the skin, the body ‘understands’ that the skin’s oil level is sufficient and therefore does not produce more - hence its fame as a sebum gland regulator. Use of this oil simply involves applying it to the face; however you must remember to cleanse and tone the skin first, as if you do not, you will be spreading dirt and impurities across your face, which will lead to the infection of other facial pores. Alqvimia produces a product called Ylang-ylang Cleansing Emulsion which is applied with the hands and which washes off in water. This cream is ideal for all types of skin, (as Ylang-ylang has a balancing effect), and two other facial tonics: Orange Blossom Water for oily and delicate skin and Bulgarian Rose, for dry and mature skin types.


13. Do you have products for tired eyes?

Our Premium Range includes Eternal Youth, which has a specific cream for eye and lip contour regions. This product contains a rich, complex formula which includes not only plant and essential oils, like other Alqvimia products, but also extracts from different plants with skin-healing and anti-inflammatory properties. This cream also contains natural origin hyaluronic acid, a concentration of wheatgerm proteins, with a skin-tensioning effect, such as shea butter, with a moisturizing and nourishing effect. Numerous testimonials verify the efficacy of this spectacular cream, which is an outstanding product in our range.


14. What exactly are the characteristics and uses of essential oil preparations (and aromatherapy blends)?

These products contain no more and no less than essential oils which have not been diluted in any other substance, and as such, must not be used directly on the skin, as they are highly concentrated and may cause adverse reactions. As with essential oils, our E.O.P.s are designed to be blended with one or more carrier oils (almond oil, hazelnut oil, wheatgerm oil, apricot seed oil, etc.) or with a face mask or wrap when used by professionals. With respect to blending with creams, we do not really recommend this practice – not even with our own creams as a cream is a finished product and adding an E.O.P. could destroy its balance (what’s more our creams already contain essential oils). As we do not know what non-Alqvimia creams contain and how their ingredients might interact with oils, we cannot recommend blending in this sense. Our product range includes ten distinct carrier oils which you can use as a base, or even mix them together, we also have Body Stretch Stopper Body Oil, which contains no essential oils at all, only various carrier oils which have already been blended and which make an ideal base for any E.O.P.


15. Is there a perfume in the Alqvimia product range?

No perfume as such exist in Alqvimia’s products, however our Queen of Egypt range could be considered as an Alqvimia perfume, due to its unique and unmistakable aroma, making it the brand hallmark. The scent contains incense and myrrh essential oils, whose oleoresins ensure that a longer-lasting fragrance.