At Alqvimia, we give it back its profoundness, all of its intensity, its strength. We can’t create superficial beauty, we can’t create insignificant beauty.
    Because we can’t ignore that everything is connected, interrelated; the body, health, beauty, the world, life itself.
    Alqvimia believes profoundly in this connection and our need to take care of it, and this is also why we believe firmly in a Human Scale Economy with values and justice.
    And in the energy and power of the Feminine, of the woman as the bearer of life and wisdom.



    Knowledge of aromatherapy, cosmetics and alchemy entered into Europe in the Middle Ages, through Spain. The roots of the art of perfumery were created in a blend of three great cultures, the Christian, the Arab and the Jewish.

    The art of aromatherapy, perfumery and cosmetics reached heights of splendor in Spain in cities such as Cordoba, Avila, Toledo, Granada, Palma de Mallorca, Barcelona and Girona. In the 10th and 11th centuries, the city of Cordoba had over 100 “Hamams” – the beauty centers or spas of the era. In Granada there is a central square in the city which still retains the name “Plaza Alí Atar”, which in Za’atar Arabic means the square of the perfume or perfumer. In Girona and Palma de Mallorca beautiful buildings which once housed the Arabic baths of the cities can still be visited, these centers were spas with separate areas for different treatments.

    From a historical perspective it may be said that the first European masters of cosmetics, aromatherapy and alchemy were in fact Spanish.

    In the Middle Ages, the Iberian peninsula became an area of education, culture and refinement. The legacy of the arts and sciences of Greco-Latin classical culture was translated from Latin and Greek into Arabic, while in Spain, it was re-translated into Latin and into the new European languages.

    Spain became a centre of knowledge. Many European academics traveled to study in Spain, and via the Path of Santiago, they came to live in its cities and learned the art of alchemy.

    The cosmetics of the past were alchemic and were based on the transformation of body and soul in order to provide harmony, health and beauty.

    ALQVIMIA, following this tradition, has recovered and updated the principles of the old Spanish School of Perfumery, Aromatherapy, Cosmetics and Alchemy. Our aim and our work are to seek total personal transformation through the use of essential oils.

    Tradición, calidad, pureza, sabiduría, amor, innovación… bases de Alqvimia. The Power Plant ... Alqvimia base Tradición, calidad, pureza, sabiduría, amor, innovación… bases de Alqvimia.


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    Every day the existence of a new allergy or a new syndrome derived from toxic pollution in our environment is discovered.

    Added to this is the chemical contamination in the cosmetics we use on a daily basis; lead for lip care, petroleum derivatives in creams, oils and gels, parabens and formaldehyde derivatives, colorants and synthetic perfumes, as well as a long list which increases the harmful effects of these substances – which are directly in contact with the largest organ in the human body; the skin.

    The skin is connected to all our organs tissues and systems through the blood vessels of the epidermis, which means that any product which is applied to the skin has a direct effect on the body.

    Syndromes such as MCS or Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and unknown allergies which appear from thin air are often derived from this chemical overload which today surrounds us all.

    Alqvimia cosmetic products do not contain toxins or chemicals and as they are based on raw materials and 100% pure essential oils they are not only cosmetically more effective than chemical cosmetics, they are also good for your health, thanks to the active ingredients of the plants used. These products treat the body in a holistic manner and care for body, mind and soul. This is a philosophy of cosmetics which offers effective care, yet one which is also preventative for the health of your body.

    100% natural, 100%


    After centuries of living under patriarchal values, such as competition, domination, direction, subordination, etc, which have brought us to our current world circumstances, a change is in the air, one that is growing in strength with each passing day. A change in the way we live, a different world based on feminine values.
    Women as givers of live embrace the soul of the earth, nurturing it on values such as love, tolerance, sensitivity, diversity, creativity, sensuality, relativism, wisdom…

    Feminine Energy is the essence of all these values and a woman is its best representation. Alqvimia believes firmly in cultivating and transmitting these values, because we have a heartfelt desire to improve our lives, our environment, and our world as a whole.



    ALQVIMIA from its start has been a pioneer in what the world now calls Corporate Social Responsability (CSR). We call it a Humanized Economy. An economy inspired by ethical and social values such as justice, solidarity, cooperation, social well-being…An economy that respects the dignity of people and puts itself at the service of humanity in order to contribute to a better world, a more just world.

    Following these values means we produce 100% natural cosmetics for your beauty and health, without contamination, using recyclable packaging, manufactured in our own country of origin to support the local economy, and loyally respecting the natural and organic processes of cultivating and obtaining our prime materials.

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    The Natural Cosmetics beyond the Beaut

    Alqvimia presents 25 years as referent HIGH NATURAL COSMETICS, innovating the concept so revolutionary beauty sector, with 100% natural products that deal with complete efficiency BODY, MIND and SPIRIT. Mix old and new ... Alqvimia name is a statement of principles as traditional perfumery is an ancient art connected with alchemy centuries.

    Phrases like "Mens sana in corpore sano" we teach the need for a balance: a healthy body and beautiful, a soul in peace and young.

  • 1984

    In 1984 ALQVIMIA was created from among the golden reflections of stills and glass jars – this was the first natural cosmetics and aromatherapy company in Spain, and one with a specific goal: to attain absolute beauty through the transformation of body and mind.

  • 1986

    The search for the natural and the pure brought ALQVIMIA in 1986, to investigate the area of ECOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY, a fact which made the company a pioneer in Spain, as well as one of the forerunners in Europe.

  • 1989

    ALQVIMIA worked with the Department of Chemical Engineering of the University of Barcelona in order to provide scientific support for ECOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY as well as to prove and test the efficacy and quality of its products.

  • 1990

    Since its very beginning, ALQVIMIA as a company has firmly believed in feminine values and energy and has sought to transform concepts of both beauty and women. In 1990 we launched the Queen of Egypt range; which provided inner strength, self confidence, beauty, femininity and sensuality; attributes which once distinguished the queens of ancient Egypt. Using their example as inspiration, this majestic range with its exotic fragrance was created – its nourishing properties and rejuvenating effects are now world-renowned.

  • 1991

    ALQVIMIA began its international venture with the entry of products into the markets of Belgium, Holland and Italy.

  • 1993

    ALQVIMIA received the first ECOPRODUCTS AWARD from the DEPARTMENT OF THE ENVIRONMENT OF THE CATALAN GOVERNMENT. Meanwhile, our international ventures continued, with an extension of its markets to the Asian countries of Taiwan, Japan, Singapore and Hong-Kong.

  • 1996

    As pioneers and producers of natural cosmetics, in 1996 ALQVIMIA participated in promoting ECOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY with conferences in the Chemistry faculties of several universities.

  • 1997

    When the urban spa concept was still unknown in Spain, ALQVIMIA, the company which has always believed in the therapeutic benefits of essential oils, opened the first Alqvimia spa in Barcelona in 1997, introducing innovative treatments which brought together health, wellbeing and beauty in modern, urban centers.

  • 1998

    ALQVIMIA received the VIDA SANA from the Vida Sana (Healthy Life) Association for its entire range of products.

  • 2000

    In the year 2000 we began a new era, the turn of the century was highly important with respect to our product range, with the launch of the Absolute Beauty range; the first 98% natural range for facial care for all skin types and their needs. (flower waters, cleansers, facial creams, eye contour creams, depigmentation creams, face masks and 100% natural regenerating extracts).

  • 2003

    The holistic concept of cosmetics is still a highly innovative idea today, and it led to the need to create a place in which to express, explain and discover the benefits of ALQVIMIA cosmetics, products which care for the body, mind and soul – hence the birth of our Beauty Spaces in 2003 (Barcelona – Girona – Madrid) – year which also saw the launch of our star product - Body Sculptor Oil, an ALQVIMIA first – a natural caffeine-free product to shape the figure by eliminating accumulated fat.

  • 2004

    GREENPEACE awarded ALQVIMIA their GREEN LABEL for the high quality natural ingredients used their cosmetic products.

  • 2005

    ALQVIMIA extended its range of body oils with specialized products for the care of specific body areas: Comfort Legs Oil, Healthy Feet Oil, and Hands & Nails Oil.

  • 2007

    The existence of beauty lies in the essence of every woman and with this philosophy ALQVIMIA launched Sensuality, the most sublime cosmetic product ever created for women, in 2007. This body nectar is made using the most extraordinary essential oils (Bulgarian Rose, Jasmine from Mysore, Neroli from Morocco and Geranium from Egypt and Ylang-Ylang from Indonesia) which strengthen femininity in three different ways: in the emotional sphere; increasing self-esteem, in the spiritual sphere; connecting each woman with her inner goddess and with intimate and physical relations and finally by helping to balance the hormonal system.

  • 2008

    In 2008 ALQVIMIA relaunched the Absolute Beauty cosmetics range with 100% natural, alcohol-free formulas and organic ingredients from ecological agriculture – an event which marked a revolution in the natural cosmetics sector. 
    This year saw the launch of Eternal Youth, the first 100% natural, premium, anti-aging treatment for attaining eternal youth in a holistic manner.

  • 2009

    ALQVIMIA celebrated 25 years as a 100% natural cosmetics company and a pioneer in beauty treatment products which reach beyond superficial appearances and enter the world of the natural, holistic beauty, health, the humanized economy and feminine energy.

  • 2012

  • 2013

    Presenting Naturally Pure Scrub, the first exfoliating product from ALQVIMIA - from our Absolute Beauty
    facial care and cleansing range.
    Opening: the Barcelona Alqvimia Spa - a new boutique to unite the essence of the ALQVIMIA universe

Idili Lizcano




We are heirs of the Spanish School of Perfumery and Cosmetics that has over 800 years of existence.

Its base is alchemy. Alchemy is the union of mystical knowledge with experimental scientific method. Science and spirituality go together. It's the new paradigm will succeed in the twenty-first century.