Empowerment Products Pack

Transform yourself into a new woman in 50 days and you will rediscover the beauty and power of Feminine energy. 

We will show you how:

  • Welcome a new dimension of sexuality: our sex is sacred and must be respected; It is full of points of light that must be activated.
  • Balance hormonal health: align with the cycles of the moon ... The full moon awaits us brighter ... The new moon waits for us wiser ... we will connect with natural health cycles.
  • Enhance femininity. a daily routine with precious stones and alchemical products ... The stones are light, and the flowers are essence ... The purest essence will blossom. 
  • Open the doors to the spiritual energy: we will know with the alchemical mox how to unblock our energy center to open ourselves to the whole ... to the joy from the subtle.


1x Sensuality Body Nectar Woman
1x Bust Firming Body Oil 
1x Essence Woman's Supplements
Vaginal egg valued at 18 € - Gift
Chest valued at 15 € - Gift

356,50 €

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