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Company Name: El Taller de Alquimia S.L
Trading Name: Alqvimia
Company Address: Can Duran s/n, 17853 Tortellà, Girona ( España)
Tax registration nº: B17429705
Tel. nº: (+34) 972 287 003
Registered in the Commercial Registry of Girona, Volume 783, Folio 108, Sheet GI-15.088
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Alqvimia is responsible for this website and places this document at the disposal of its users, which seeks to fulfill those obligations established in Law 34/2002, on the Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce (LSSI-CE), in addition to informing all those users of this web site with respect to its conditions of use.

Any person accessing this web site assumes the role of user, and is committed to the strict fulfillment of the provisions detailed herein, in addition to any other legal provision that may be applicable.

Alqvimia reserves the right to modify any type of information that appear on this website, without there being any obligation to provide previous notification or to inform the users of these obligations, their publication on this website being considered sufficient.


Alqvimia is exempt from any responsibility deriving from the information published on its website, in the event that this information has been altered or entered by a third party external to the company.

Alqvimia cannot be held liable for the information and content stored, for example, but not limited to; forums, chats, blogs, comments, social networks or any other media that allows third parties to publish content in an independent manner on the web page. However, and in compliance with that established in Article 11 and 16 of the LSSI-CE, the website owner places itself at the disposal of all users, authorities and security forces, and participates actively in the removal, or where applicable, the blocking of all those contents that could affect or contravene national or international legislation, the rights of third parties or morality and public order. Please inform the website administrator immediately if you consider that content on the website is susceptible to such interpretations.

This website has been revised and tested in order to operate correctly. In theory correct operation should be available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. However, the possibility of programming errors or disruptions arising from force majeure, natural catastrophes or similar circumstances that make access to the website impossible are not ruled out.


This website is strongly committed to the fulfillment of Spanish regulations on the protection of personal data, and guaranteed total compliance of the established obligations, in addition to the security measures detailed in Article 9 of Law 15/1999 on the Protection of Personal Data (the LOPD) and the Regulation on the Implementation of the LOPD.

This website places the privacy policy of the company at the disposal of users, and provides information to its users with respect to the following issues:

  • Data on the entity/person responsible for processing information
  • Data processed
  • The file in which this data is stored
  • The purpose of data processing
  • The obligation (or non-obligation) to facilitate this data, in addition to the consequences of not providing this data
  • The rights that aid all users and the procedure for exercising them


This website itself or as an assignee cesionaria, is the owner of all the intellectual and industrial property rights, such as those elements contained herein (for example: images, sound, audio, video, software and texts, brands and logotypes color combinations, structure and design, selection of materials used, computer programs required for operation, access and use, etc.). All rights are reserved on this website, and are the property of the owner of the website, these being protected by national and international regulations on intellectual and industrial property.

Access by users to the website does not grant them any rights of ownership over its contents.

The use of third party names has been expressly authorized by their owners and as a result, Alqvimia will not be held responsible for any disputes that may arise with respect to them, and will immediately withdraw these names as soon as it receives verifiable notification regarding any conflict or dispute related to them.

By sending the corresponding form, the user expressly agrees that El Taller de Alquimia SL as responsible for the file may be referred by any means, including electronic media, our Corporate Newsletter and to offer products and services that may be of marketed under El Taller de Alquimia S.L.

If you see any content on this website that may contravene intellectual and industrial property rights, you are requested to notify us as soon as possible, by sending an e-mail to:


Alqvimia reserves the right to make those modifications it deems necessary on its website without previous notification, and it may change, delete, or add both those contents and services that are provided through the website, and the manner in which these are presented or located on its website.


This website reserves the right to refuse or remove the access to the website and/or the services offered to those users who do not comply with these terms and conditions of use, without the need for prior notice, either on its own initiative or on the request of a third party.


This website will pursue the breach of these conditions in addition to any improper use of the website by exercising all those civil and criminal legal actions that are applicable by law.


This website may modify the conditions detailed herein at any time, being duly published as they appear here. The validity of the abovementioned conditions will be determined with respect to their appearance and will remain valid until their replacement by others, once duly published.


Regarding the resolution of any and all disputes or questions relating to this website or the activities undertaken on it, Spanish legislation will be applicable, to which the parties hereby expressly submit, the Courts and Tribunals of Girona, Spain, the latter being authorized for the resolution of those disputes arising from or related to its use.