Alqvimia Professionals



In the professional sector, ALQVIMIA as cosmetic brand that goes beyond superficial beauty, works all possible range of treatments, from the simple beauty rituals deeper therapeutic treatments.
And offers training in line with the quality of their products, provided by a team of qualified and excellent trainers to guide you through the whole process of learning and use of the products and method ALQVIMIA


4 hours

Practical sessions and explanations and information on the characteristics of ALQVIMIA products and their use.


12 hours

A course lasting day and a half which enters into detail with respect to the foundations of the Alqvimia universe, such as Feminine Energy and Eternal Youth, exploring the products used in these fields as well as aspects related to health.

Monographic courses

6 hours

Talks which provide students with the basic tools for professional work with ALQVIMIA: An Introduction to Aromatherapy - which is applied to the use of our products and the Introduction to the Preventative Health Diagnostic Method.

Alqvimia Diploma

8 days in 4 months

Complete general and intensive training in Aromatherapy and the Alqvimia Spa Method, providing the necessary tools to reach the level of a true professional.