Lavender Relaxation Moment Set

Lavender Relaxation Moment Set

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Lavender Relaxation Moment Set

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Encuentra tu momento para relajarte, bajar el ritmo de tus pulsaciones y conseguir desconectar del estrés del día con nuestro Pack Lavanda Momento Relajación. Libera tensiones físicas y emocionales en periodos de estrés y ansiedad.

El Pack Lavanda momento relajación aporta propiedades relajantes a nivel emocional, es purificador y dermoprotector. Está especialmente indicado para pieles sensibles por su combinación de las más puras maerias primas que nos ofrece la naturaleza, y principios activos como aceites esenciales de Lavanda, Lavandín, Limón, Beramota, Romero y Petitgraing, que en conjunto potencian las propiedades de la lavanda ofreciendo una sensación de bienestar general, además de imponer una acción dermoprotectora y tonificante a nivel cutáneo.

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Lavender Relaxation Moment Set consists of:

Lavender Relaxing Bath Gel 400 ml

Made with a stimulating blend of essential oils, a synergy of Lemon and Lavender Essential Oils stands out, which acts by enhancing their properties and exerting a high dermoprotective and soothing effect. It calms, regenerates and protects the skin, providing a feeling of inner peace and tranquillity.


Relaxing Lavender Body Oil 150 ml

With excellent soothing and dermoprotective properties, Lavender Relaxing Body Oil provides an immediate feeling of relaxation and well-being. In addition, the power of Lavender Essential Oil, which cares for and protects the skin while providing a pleasant fragrance,


Lavender Essential Oil 10 ml

Lavender Essential Oil balances disturbed emotions and generates peace and harmony, purifies the environment of bad vibrations and energies. It favours spiritual development, integrating spirituality into daily life.



Being Yin-Yang balanced means being energetically aligned. This is everyone’s goal. It is important to maintain a state of well-being, not only focusing on physical balance but also preserving a mental and spiritual balance, because they are interconnected.

Pay attention to the following symbols which you will find on our packaging:

ying yang

Indicates a product with a Yin charge, meaning it is appropriate for counteracting Yang imbalances.

ying yang

Indicates a product with a Yang charge, meaning it is appropriate for counteracting Yin imbalances.

ying yang

Indicates a product with a Yin-Yang charge, meaning it is appropriate for counteracting either Yin or Yang imbalances.

Detailed information is available on the individual item page.

Benefits and efficacy are specific to each product, see more detailed information on the website of each item in retail size, the back of the box includes basic information for each product.

Lavender Relaxing Bath Gel

Apply in the bath or shower with a gentle upward massage all over the body in circular movements, which will encourage the formation of foam and the release of a stimulating fragrance. Rinse with plenty of water. After bathing, we recommend applying Lavender Relaxing Body Oil for complete care.

Lavender Relaxing Body Oil

Lavender Relaxing Body Oil should be applied with a gentle upward massage all over the body, with clean and slightly damp skin after bathing or showering. We recommend rubbing the skin beforehand with one of our Rosemary Alcohol or Queen of Hungary Water body tonics to encourage the complete absorption of the product.

Lavender Relaxing Eau de Toilette

Spray this natural beauty water on your neck, wrists and all over your body if you wish to enjoy the pleasure that the purest essences awaken in your senses. Apply once or several times a day.

Lavender Essential Oil

The use of heatless diffusers such as the ALQVIMIA Flask is recommended, as heat modifies the properties of essential oils. Use a maximum of 10 drops of the Essential Oil Preparation in the diffuser.

Precautions for the three products

Store in a cool, dry place away from light. External use.*Possible colour and odour changes are normal due to the natural components of the cream and do not affect the quality of the product.

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