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Franchise Area

Open your own ALQVIMIA Store&Spa franchise

ALQVIMIA is much more than a brand of high-quality natural cosmetics. It is a whole universe, a world dedicated to beauty as an element of transformation for women.

In order to reflect the richness of this world, ALQVIMIA has created the new ALQVIMIA Store & Spa. This innovative franchise concept is based on the triumph of the senses.

They are spaces where you can have wonderful transformative experiences through sublime Spa treatments and workshops that fuse body and soul to lead us to absolute Beauty.

They are magical places, temples to beauty where the shopping experience becomes sensory, experiential, cultural, transformative, ecstatic...

ALQVIMIA Stores & Spa is based upon 4 business pillars:


A wide range of completely natural cosmetic, facial and body products, each of high-quality and unique, a result of their transformative capabilities. Our ambassadors lay out the steps to follow with our products, so that customers can continue their spa treatment at home.


Consumers today are more aware. They are looking for something deeper than external beauty. They know that the answer lies in caring for both their interior and exterior beauty equally, in order to achieve a balance of body and mind.

ALQVIMIA SPA rituals and treatments are an expression of the ALQVIMIA philosophy based on the use of our high-quality and 100% natural cosmetic products. Each of the services we perform in the spa room is a holistic treatment for the body, mind and soul.


Workshop series focused on the harmonization and balance of feminine energy so that women can develop and internalize their full potential.


A holistic therapy based on different techniques that can improve a woman’s emotional balance, with the resulting benefits to her well-being.