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Spa Treatments

Alqvimia Spa, Wellness and Beauty Center

We invite you to try and live our ALQVIMIA Spa rituals and experiences, a full expression of ALQUIMIA’S philosophy using our high quality holistic and natural cosmetics.

Let yourself go and enjoy a unique experience, developed from the ancestral alchemical wisdom, which will bring you benefits at a physical, sensorial, energetic and emotional level. Enjoy a holistic treatment for your body, mind and soul.

There are still few places in the actual world where serenity, peace, beauty and wellness can be found... and most of them are the Spas.

Below you will find the complete list of rituals and treatments from ALQVIMIA that are offered in our own ALQVIMIA's stores, authorized beauty centers and luxury hotels and Spas around the world.

With ALQVIMIA's rituals and treatments you are about to believe in magic...

Tests and Energetic Therapies

Test (25')
Biological age
This test uses kinesiology to determine your real age, in accordance with your body’s health. It also allows us to determine the effects and results gained from our Anti-aging treatments.
Therapy (30')
Alqvimical Moxa
The 2nd chakra is located in the lower belly: it governs creativity, emotions, sensuality and the reproductive system. We will stimulate this area, boosting circulation and the correct flow of energy.

You will experience a pleasant sensation of warmth, well-being and confidence. You will increase your energy, your inner and external Light and Beauty. Includes a Chakra test.
Therapy (60')
Chakra rebalancing
The chakras are energy cores that are defined as “wheels of light”. Their function is to revitalize our physical body and help us maintain emotional balance and spiritual development.

We will eliminate physical blockages thanks to rebalancing the energy body. We will evaluate the 7 chakras and treat imbalances by applying essential oils. Includes Biological Age Test.