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Holistic Therapy

At Alqvimia we firmly believe that beauty reflects the balance between the physical body, the mind and the emotions. Our well-being, and our beauty, depend on this holistic balance, as they are intrinsically linked to each other.

Alqvimia has created the "Woman's Health" method to help restore women's interior and exterior well-being. It involves a holistic therapy during which our therapists make a full diagnosis of the person using kinesiology to detect possible yin-yang imbalances, both in general terms and in specific organs of the body.

This therapy can improve women's emotional and hormonal balance, with great benefits for well-being.

Woman's Health, "Therapy for perfect feminine health", also unblocks and balances the energy of the chakras, restoring the sacred power that nature has granted to women, enhancing their beauty and sensuality.