Sandalwood Essential Oil 5 ml

Sandalwood Essential Oil 5 ml

Sandalwood Essential Oil 5 ml

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Sandalwood Essential Oil, or Santalum album oil, is used to harmonise the atmosphere and to establish a spiritual connection between people, thereby releasing tension and providing motional balance.

It is obtained by distilling the wood of the Sandalwood tree which is considered a sacred tree in its native India. It is a poweful regenerator that is capable of providing internal transformation.

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Sandalwood Essential Oil is from Mysore (India) where Sandalwood is considered a sacred tree. In this area, the Indian government owns all the sandalwood trees to ensure they are well cared for and preserved. This type of wood is often used in the construction of temples. As a Hindu proverb says: “Try to be like sandalwood, which imparts its fragrance to the axe which cuts it”.

Cosmetically, Sandalwood Essential Oil is a moisturiser, tonic and antiseptic. It is a commonly used ingredient in perfumery. It has relaxing properties. It is venotonic and a circulatory toner that is good for treating tired legs and helps prevent varicose veins.


Etymologically it means “the sunny side of the mountain”.

The Yang energy is centripetal, compact, uniting, joining, and gives unity and strength. It is connected to the sun, strength, unity, masculinity, heat, fire, control, speed, movement, energy…

When a person has excess Yang forces in their body, they have too much heat and too much fire, they start hyper-functioning, and must be rebalanced with the addition of Yin energy to re-establish harmony and well-being. A Yang-natured person tends to be impulsive, self-assured, with leadership tendencies, competitive, not very tolerant, exact and specific.

Well-being is defined as a balance between Yin and Yang. An imbalance is the result of a deficit or excess of Yin energy or Yang energy. Ideally, we want to ensure that our body adapts to the changing conditions, maintaining the balance between these two opposite and complementary energies.

Pay attention to the following symbols which you will find on our packaging:

ying yang

Indicates a product with a Yin charge, meaning it is appropriate for counteracting Yang imbalances.

ying yang

Indicates a product with a Yang charge, meaning it is appropriate for counteracting Yin imbalances.

ying yang

Indicates a product with a Yin-Yang charge, meaning it is appropriate for counteracting either Yin or Yang imbalances.


Use: Topical use. Perfume to be diluted in a carrier oil. Max. recommendation: 1% (facial use) and 3% (body use).

Caution: This product is exclusively for external use.

Sacred Sandalwood Essential Oil was used by important figures in Ancient times.

Associated with serenity, mental peace and inner calm, it was typically used to induce meditative states.

It was also widely used for cosmetic purposes, due to its skin regeneration properties, and was added to aromatic baths or beauty elixirs. We suggest a few examples to emulate those beauty and spiritual rituals:

Aromatic baths. Add to the bath 3 drops of Sandalwood Essential Oil, 2 drops Incense Essential Oil and 3 drops Rosewood Essential Oil + 3 drops Bergamot Essential Oil + 3 drops Palmarosa Essential Oil, previously diluted in a small amount of Queen of Egypt Bath and Shower Gel.

Add to the Flask Diffuser 10 drops of Sandalwood Essential Oil to create a magical atmosphere of inner calm.

As an anti-ageing facial elixir: Mix 1 spoonful of Carrot Vegetable Oil with 1 drop of Sandalwood Essential Oil and massage into the face like a serum one night per week, in addition to your regular serum on all the other nights.

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