Rosemary essential oil 10 ml

Rosemary essential oil 10 ml

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Rosemary essential oil 10 ml

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An energy-filled oil, its fragrance is capable of transporting you and providing enthusiasm and self-confidence. Rosemary is a purifying plant with an eminently sunny nature.

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Rosemary is a plant native to the Mediterranean but currently grows in many areas of Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and California. Its name comes from the Latin Rosmarinus, which means Rose of the Sea. In ancient Egypt, the branches were burned with incense and placed on the bodies of deceased pharaohs to help them seek a new, better life. The Greeks dedicated rosemary to Apollo, god of the sun, medicine, music, poetry and prophecies. For the Romans it was sacred and was considered a symbol of loyalty, knowledge of death, remembrance and intelligence. It was also a symbol of love and friendship. It was considered that rosemary gave the power of concentration, activated memory and favored recollection.

Rosemary is a plant that brings good luck and protects against negative energies. Rosemary is a symbol of love and friendship, it was considered that it gave the power of concentration, activated memory and favored recollection. It brings good luck and protects against negative energies.

Our Rosemary Essential Oil or Rosmarinus officinalis leaf oil, is obtained by distilling the leaves and floral tops, and contains beneficial properties for the body and mind.

Among its properties and benefits, the following stand out:

Cosmetic Level: Rosemary Essential Oil is astringent, vitalizing tonic,stimulates microcirculation, promotes hair growth and regeneration. It also helps improve the condition of varicose veins and spider veins; it is a tissue repairer and oxygenator.

At Therapeutic Level: is a carminative, digestive, diuretic, emmenagogue, hepatic, hypertensive, rubefacient, stimulant and sudoriferous essential oil. It is a stimulant of the circulatory system and a general energy tonic.

On a psychological level: Rosemary Essential Oil is a stimulant of vital energy, a masculine aphrodisiac. Rosemary encourages gratitude and improves the attitude towards the details of life, connects with solar energy and is ideal for people disconnected from nature. It brings optimism and helps to see the glass as half full and not half empty.


Etymologically it means “the sunny side of the mountain”.

The Yang energy is centripetal, compact, uniting, joining, and gives unity and strength. It is connected to the sun, strength, unity, masculinity, heat, fire, control, speed, movement, energy…

When a person has excess Yang forces in their body, they have too much heat and too much fire, they start hyper-functioning, and must be rebalanced with the addition of Yin energy to re-establish harmony and well-being. A Yang-natured person tends to be impulsive, self-assured, with leadership tendencies, competitive, not very tolerant, exact and specific.

Well-being is defined as a balance between Yin and Yang. An imbalance is the result of a deficit or excess of Yin energy or Yang energy. Ideally, we want to ensure that our body adapts to the changing conditions, maintaining the balance between these two opposite and complementary energies.

Pay attention to the following symbols which you will find on our packaging:

ying yang

Indicates a product with a Yin charge, meaning it is appropriate for counteracting Yang imbalances.

ying yang

Indicates a product with a Yang charge, meaning it is appropriate for counteracting Yin imbalances.

ying yang

Indicates a product with a Yin-Yang charge, meaning it is appropriate for counteracting either Yin or Yang imbalances.

ROSMARINUS OFFICINALIS (ROSEMARY) LEAF OIL, LIMONENE*, LINALOOL*, EUGENOL* . * Natural components of the essential oils.

Use: Topical use. Perfume to be diluted in a carrier oil. Max. recommendation: 3% (body use).

Cautions: Topical use. Avoid contact with your eyes and other sensitive areas. Keep out of the reach of children. Consult your doctor before using during pregnancy, breastfeeding or with any other medical treatments. Some essential oils are sensitive to light, so don’t expose skin to the sun after use. Store in a cool (<25ºC), dry place, away from light. Flammable.

Widely used by the oldest cultures, there are many registered home remedies that used the plant and the essential oil of Rosemary, for example:

Rosemary massages were used for physical and mental fatigue: They applied mixtures of vegetable oils, such as Jojoba, enriched with Rosemary Essential Oil, sometimes combined with Tangerine and Lemon essential oil.

They also applied Rosemary Alcohol as a rub, to activate circulation and combat fatigue, giving new energy and vitality.


Facial Use: we recommend a proportion of 99% Carrier Oil plus 1% Essential Oil. This translates to 2 drops of Essential Oil per 10 ml. of carrier oil.

Body use: we recommend a proportion of 97% Carrier Oil plus 3% Essential Oil, which means 6 drops of Essential Oil per 10 ml. of carrier oil.

Diffuser: We recommend the use of diffusers without heat, such as the ALQVIMIA Flask, since heat modifies the properties of essential oils. Use a maximum of 10 drops of Essential Oil Preparation in the diffuser.

Bath: dilute a maximum of 10-15 drops of Essential Oil Preparation in a small amount of milk (vegetable or animal), yogurt, honey, salt or Bath Gel. This is because essential oils are not soluble in water and need a vehicle to dissolve in the bath.

Steam Inhalation: apply a maximum of 5 drops of Essential Oil Preparation in a saucepan of hot water with approximately 1-2 liters of water, and perform inhalations covering the head and the saucepan with a towel, to keep the steam for longer.

Sauna: dilute a maximum of 2 drops of the Essential Oil Preparation for every 500ml used in the sauna.

Air freshener spray: the use of Alqvimia Anti-Stress Eau de Cologne is recommended.

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