Mandarin essential oil 10 ml

Mandarin essential oil 10 ml

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Mandarin essential oil 10 ml

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The Essential Oil of Tangerine or Citrus nobilis peel oil, extracted by expression of the peel of the fruit, helps fight acne and prevent stretch marks.

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The mandarin is a tree that belongs to the botanical genus Citrus, in the Rutaceae family, with more than 1,600 species with characteristics similar to the orange tree, although more and with a spheroid shape.

From the fruit of the mandarin called hesperidium, a group of varieties of mandarins are obtained. Its pulp is formed by a considerable number of segments full of juice; which contains a large amount of vitamin C, flavonoids and essential oils.

On a cosmetic level, this Essential Oil has multiple properties, since it is a great regenerator, reducer, revitalizing, mild astringent and tonic. In addition, it prevents stretch marks in stretched skin. Ideal for oily skin with acne.


Etymologically it means “side of the mountain that provides shade”. The Yin energy is expansive, slow and centrifugal. It is the energy that is connected to coldness, water, the moon, femininity, relaxation, the inner balance, dispersion, intuition and creativity. A Yin body tends toward being thin and does not retain fat cells (adipocytes), but rather it eliminates them.

People who tend to have Yin characteristics display spiritual tendencies; they are creative, artistic, imaginative, understanding and hyper-sensitive.

Well-being is defined as a balance between Yin and Yang. An imbalance is the result of a deficit or excess of Yin energy or Yang energy. Ideally, we want to ensure that our body adapts to the changing conditions, maintaining the balance between these two opposite and complementary energies.

Therefore, Alqvimia products with a more Yang polarity or energy facet are recommended for excess Yin energy imbalances.

Pay attention to the following symbols which you will find on our packaging:

ying yang

Indicates a product with a Yin charge, meaning it is appropriate for counteracting Yang imbalances.

ying yang

Indicates a product with a Yang charge, meaning it is appropriate for counteracting Yin imbalances.

ying yang

Indicates a product with a Yin-Yang charge, meaning it is appropriate for counteracting either Yin or Yang imbalances.

CITRUS NOBILIS (MANDARIN ORANGE) PEEL OIL, LIMONENE*. * Natural components of the essential oils.

Use: Topical use. Perfume to be diluted in a carrier oil. Max. recommendation: 3% (body use).

Cautions: Topical use. Avoid contact with your eyes and other sensitive areas. Keep out of the reach of children. Consult your doctor before using during pregnancy, breastfeeding or with any other medical treatments. Some essential oils are sensitive to light, so don’t expose skin to the sun after use. Store in a cool (<25ºC), dry place, away from light. Flammable.

  • Ideal to bring luminosity to suffocated skin: Make the following formula: 20 ml. of Carrot Oil with 1 drop of Niauli, 2 drops of Tangerine and 2 drops of Orange, apply every night as a facial serum.
  • In cases of Acne, make the following mixture: 20 ml. of Jojoba Oil with 2 drops of Tangerine, 1 drop of Ylang-Ylang and 1 drop of Neroli, apply every night as a facial serum.

- Throughout history, the aroma of tangerines has been associated with happiness and inner joy. In the Flask diffuser, put 5 drops of Mandarin essential oil, 5 drops of Orange essential oil and 5 drops of Ylang-Ylang essential oil. This synergy based on citrus and flowers will give the room a beautiful atmosphere of joy and well-being.

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